Top Ten Books People Have Been Telling Me I Must Read

Top Ten Books People Have Been Telling Me I Must Read

TopTenTuesdayNewTop Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. This weeks topic is Top Ten Books People Have Been Telling Me I Must Read. For an overview of previous topics we did click here.


Truth is, I don’t read a lot. I either read three books in a week or one over the course of a month. And I also haven’t been reading for long, meaning, there are a lot of books out there which…

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Review: The Verkreath Horror by Martyn Stanley

Review: The Verkreath Horror by Martyn Stanley

That awkward moment when the dwarf is more badass than the imperial wizard.

The Verkreath Horror is definitely more gritty than its predecessor. After battling a noble dragon and losing two of their comrades, our remaining warriors start their journey back to the Empress in Cormaroth. They are delayed by a plague-ridden town, and a powerful group of dragon aficionados is starting to form – and…

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Blogging Reflections: On Bad-Boy Characters

Blogging Reflections: On Bad-Boy Characters

BloggingReflectionsBlogging Reflections is a bimonthly original Bookshelf Reflections discussion feature, in which a (bookish) blogging topic is being discussed (or ranted about). This week’s topic is Bad-Boy characters. For our previous Blogging Reflections posts click here.

Ahhh, Bad-Boy Characters, don’t we all love and hate them? I’ve wanted to talk about this topic for a while now. Especially, since there…

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Karolina’s Thoughts & Ramblings: Recap

Karolina’s Thoughts & Ramblings: Recap

Karolina'sThoughts&RamblingsHello, you lovely people!

I hope you have had a great summer vacation so far and didn’t have to suffer through the horrors I did. My TBR pile is stocked with ARCs, deadlines are creeping closer and there is no time for anything other than studying for exams (and even this time is limited.) Nonetheless I wanted to keep you updated with what has been happening lately on the blog and in my life. But…

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